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The finishing application for sustainable construction

The benefits?

Cottonmix has an insulating capacity, is pleasant for the living climate, fire safe and acoustic.

All benefits at a glance


Improces the acoustics in modern buildings that often have a minimalistic design

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Ecological construction

Environmentally friendly life


Cottonmix cotton plaster is one of the only acoustic spray plasters available in all NCS and RAL colors, the acoustic value can be applied in different ways.

Cotton plaster

The cotton plaster is a composition of sliced cotton with ground burlap and a binder, which is later treated with color pigments from natural materials, without artificial additives.


  • Acoustic value
  • Fire retardant BS1 class
  • Ecologically sound
  • Sound and heat insulating
  • Tear overlapping
  • Odorless in use
  • Mold resistant


Sustainable buildings provides a pleasant living climate, Cottonmix is organically produced, making it ecologaly sound. This organic composition makes Cottonmix hypoallergenic, dust repellent and colorfast!


Organically produced

Improve your living environment

Aesthetic improvement
Acoustic improvement
Heat and cold insulating
Fire resistant


Create effects

Mix colors to create effects

Did you know that ...

Cottonmix is also available to the DIY enthusiast and can be ordered in all RAL an NCS colors and that a lot of effects are available?


What effects are available?

A number of effects are available, such as pearlescent, glitter and natural effects such as crackle.

Application Cottonmix

You’ll be given step-by-step instructions about how to apply the cotton plaster.

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Cottonmix Decors

The decors are available in all RAL and NCS colors

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